Welcome To Narajole Raj College

Core Values of Institution


WE, of Narajole Raj College are dedicated:

1. To support the mission and vision of the college;

2. Create new programmes and services to meet the identified needs of the stake holders we cater to;

3. Frame governance policies the method of which is participatory including decisions of all stakeholders;

4. Treat all with dignity and encourage feelings of self-worth;

5. Exhibit quality in staffing, facilities, programmes and services;

6. Promote continuous improvement ;

7. Encourage creativity and innovation;

8. Encourage interdepartmental collaboration;

9. Take responsibility for personal and professional growth and development;

10. Ensure that our work add value to the college and the neighbourhood;

11. Ensure fair and equal access to all;

12. Implement learning activities in the classroom that upholds the spirit of diversity of our constitution;

13. Seek and consider multiple points of view.

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